Chinese cabbage frying with mushroom, tofu emulsion

This is light and tasty vegetarian dish, it’s very appropriate when you feel a little tired of meat, fish.

1. Ingredients:

  • – 300 g top of chinese cabbage (having flower)
  • – 4 pieces of tofu emulsion
  • – 200g abalone mushroom
  • – Minced garlic, sesame oil, salt, sugar, chutnee water

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2. Instructions:

Keep young parts of chinese cabbage, soak, wash and dehydrate. Soak abalone mushroom into water and wash. Triturate tofu emulsion and then add sugar to taste.

Put oil into hot pan, fry garlic to smell, put abalone mushroom into pan and fry them quickly. Put chutnee water, salt, sugar, sesame oil. Then, put them on the dish.

Continue to fry garlic, fry chinese cabbage, put tofu emulsion into pan and fry quickly with big flame. When chinese cabbage is nearly cooked, add abalone mushroom, mix well and turn of f the stove.

Put food on the plate, sprinkle a little extra peper. Eat this food with hot rice.

Wish delicious!

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