How to cook fried basa fish rolled with mustard cabbage

Grilled Basa fish, washed with cake and eat delicious vegetables. This dish suitable for entertaining. Let’s make this dish with the recipe below:

1. Ingredients:

– Basa fish: 300

– Saffron: 100g

– Mustard cabbage

– Some big bamboo chopstick

– Sugar, glutamate, salt, fish sauce, scallot, lard

fried basa fish rolled with mustard cabbage-recipe

2. Instructions:

To by a basa fish fillet around 300gr, cut into thin wide slices by slanting the knife.

To peel the saffron then smash it, mix well with smashed sallot + ½ teaspoon of pepper + 1 teaspoon of sugar + 3 spoons of fish sauce + 2 spoons of lard. Let stand around 1 hour.

To choose mustard cabbage, cut the green one into rectangular pieces to wrap the base in.

To soak the bamboo stick in water to make it soft, slice in halves but only 2/3 of the stick.

To wrap each piece of basa in each piece of the mustard cabbage; pack in the bamboo stick around 5 pieces. Place on the grill and broil on charcoal until fragrant.

To take out the base on the plate then sprinkle the fried shallot lard on the pieces of fish. Serve hot or with rice or as appetizer. Use with sour fish sauce or good soy sauce.