How to cook fried basa fish (Cá basa xào lăn)

With a bitter, mild spicy, salty and bland flavour make the fried Basa fish dish more delicious! Below is the recipe for you to cook this dish.

1. Ingredients:

– Basa fish fillet: 500g

– Sliced citronella: 2 spoons

– Ginger: 1

– Shredded coconut pulp: 150g

– Fried peanut pulp: 100g

– Onions: 3

– Garlic, pepper, sugar, glutamate, salt, cary powder.

– Coriander, red pepper, scallion.

fried basa fish recipe

2. Instructions:

To slice the fillet into pieces with 3cm wide and 1cm thick. To mince ginger.

To smash 3 scallions + 5 garlic gloves + 2 spoons of citronella, mix with ginger + 1 spoon of cary powder + a dash of salt + glutamate, then mix with fillet base, let stand in around 1 hour to marinate the fish.

To peel the onion and cut into 8 pieces.

To pour 2 cup of warm water in the shredded coconut then use a cloth to squeeze the coconut milk. Take the scum of coconut milk apart. Use the left to fry the fish.

To smash the fried peanut.

To slice the red pepper to be ready.

To heat the pan, scoop 5 spoons of oil in, when the oil is heated; add in 5 smashed garlic gloves, pour the fish in to fry. When it is cooked, pour the coconut in and mix well. When the fish is solid, cover the lid to make the fish marinated. Then pour the onion in and sprinkle the left coconut in, mix well then taste to your taste, remove the pan.

To scoop the fish to the plate, sprinkle the peanut on, garnish with red pepper and coriander, serve hot, use with bread or sesame rice cake and soy dipping sauce + sliced red pepper.

Hope you enjoy with this Basa fish dish!