How to cook braised stuff sea bass (Cá Chẻm dồn nhân)

The dishes from sea bass always bring new flavors to your family meals. In this article you will learn to cook braised stuff sea bass.

1. Ingredients:

– Sea bass: 700g

– Lean meat: 100g

– Fresh shrimp: 200g

– Chinese vermicelli: 1 pinch

– Wood ears mushrooms: 3

– Water chest nut: 3

– Egg: 1

– Tapioca: 100g

– Scallion, garlic, pepper, sugar and glutamate.

braised sea bass

2. Instructions:

To clean the fish, keep the head and the caudal, drain. Slice a long line at the belly of the fish. Use a scissors to cut the spine at the head and the caudal and take the spine out. Season the fish with a dash of salt + pepper + sugar + smashed scallion and garlic. Let stand around 30 minutes.

To clean well the shrimp. Fry in a pan then remove the head and cover. Cut the shrimp into cube.

To slice the meat then chop it.

 To soak the vermicelli to be softened then cut into short stripes around 2cm long.

To soak the mushroom, clean then chop it.

To peel the water chestnut; slice and cut into thread.

To break the egg, take the yolk apart.

To mix well the meat + shrimp + vermicelli + mushroom + water chestnut + 1 spoons of smashed scallion and garlic + ½ teaspoon of pepper + ½ teaspoon of glutamate + 2 teaspoons of tapioca, stuff in the belly of the fish, use the thread to suture the belly. Stew in around 20 minutes.

To let the fish cold, coat the egg on the fish, sprinkle the tapioca all over the fish then dip in the heated oil to fry until golden.

To place the fish on the oval plate, garnish with lettuce or watercress, red pepper and trimming tomatoes or cucumber. Serve hot with sour sauce and tamarind.