How to cook braised Mackerel with green tea leaves

1. Ingredients:

  • – Mackerel: 0.5kg
  • – Pork side: 200g
  • Fish sauce: 3 spoons
  • – Sugarcane: 1 piece
  • – Green tea leaves: 50g
  • – Caramel sauce, seasoning, pepper, salt

Cook braised Mackerel with green tea leaves

2. Instructions:

Remove gills and intestiness from the mackerel; wash and cut the mackerel into pieces then sprinkle with salt and toss slightly. After that drain and bake or fry quickly.

Wash and boil the green tea leaves in a pot of water to obtain the amount of water to cover mackerel.

Whittle the bark off sugarcane, split into tape then lay on the bottom of pot. Place the mackerel and pork meat on top then add fish sauce, caramel sauce and seasoning. Pour the tea into the pot and place on the heat. Cook, covered over low heat until there is  no more water in the pot. Sprinkle with pepper and remove the pot from the heat

This dish served cool with hot rice.