How to cook braised goby

1. Ingredients:

– Goby: 0.5kg

– Pork side: 200g

Fish sauce: 50ml

– Salt: 10g

– Sugar: 10g

– Powdered red pepper: 5g

– Pepper, caramel sauce (or you can use 10-20 leaves of  cẩm tree), laska leaves.

Cook braised goby

2. Instructions:

Wash the goby and cut in half crosswise, pork side has washed and cut into pieces. Wash the leaves of  cẩm tree.

Place a layer of the leaves of  cẩm tree at bottom of a pot if not use caramel sauce. Add goby into the pot then place a layer of laska leaves on the top, continue alternating layers of goby and laska leaves until all are used. Add the fish sauce, salt, sugar, powdered red pepper and caramel sauce. Put the pot on the fire and simmer; add boiling water to cover the goby and cook until water in the pot boils down to 1/2. Take the pot out from heat. Before serving, transfer the goby to a plate, sprinkle with pepper and served hot.