How to cook braised Giebel carp with soya sauce

1. Ingredients:

– Giebel: 0.5kg

– Sweet soya sauce: 100g

– Water, sugar, caramel sauce (or you can use 10-20 leaves of  cẩm tree), salt.

braised Giebel carp with soya sauce

2. Instructions:

Wash for clean the giebel carp and remove gills; wash and sprinkle with salt, set aside to drain then placing in a pot.

Mix water with soya sauce and strain, add caramel sauce and sugar (if use Lá cẩm, add the leaves as a layer in bottom of the pot). Then pour the mixture into the pot, cook until the giebel carp is cooked. The color of fish is golden-brown and delicious.

This dish served hot.