How to cook Beef hot pot?

At the weekend, the whole family will be together to enjoy food that you cook by yourself. A pot is an interesting gift for love ones.

1. Ingredients:

– Beef: 600g.
– Pig bone: 1kg.
– Tofu: 5 sheets.
– Tomato: 300g.
– Cauliflower, coronarium cabbage, water dropwort: 1.5kg
– Spice, ginger.

2. Instructions:

Cleaning pig bone and cut them into large pieces. Boil water and put pig bone into boiling water. When water boiled strongly, remove that water and put cool water to keep stewing. Uncover when stewing to get clear water.

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Cut beef into thin slices and mix them with spice and ginger (already whittle skin and mince). Cleaning tomato and, remove their knob and cut into suitable pieces. Cut tofu into square pieces. Cleaning cauliflower, coronarium cabbage, water dropwort, cut them into pieces (about 5cm) and separate each types. Fry green onion and add pepper into to boil down.

When enjoy, pour stewed water into pot, add spice and arrange food on the plate.

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