How to cook Grilled beef rolled with fat

VietnamSurprise – Simple, easy and does not take much time, just a little ingenuity you can make this grilled beef with delicious juicy flavors, change the tastes for family.

1. Ingredients:

– Tendered beef meat: 400g

– Pig neck fat: 200g

–  Sliced citronella: 2 spoons

– Fried peanut: 100g

– Garlic cloves: 8

– Red pepper: 1

– Soy sauce, sugar, glutamate, salt, 5 spices

Grilled beef rolled with fat recipe

2. Instructions:

To clean the meat then use the paper to drain the meat, slice into thin pieces around 0.3cm thick.

To choose the neck fat or thigh fat of pork; slice into pieces the same size of meat but thinner.

To chop garlic gloves + citronella + red pepper to mince, mix with 1 teaspoon of sugar + ½ teaspoon of sugar + ½ teaspoon of glutamate + 1/6 teaspoon of 5 spices + 2 spoons of soy sauce, mix well. Let stand in 1 hour. We can add more 5 pieces before we are going to broil the meat.

To fry the peanut then smash them.

To roll each piece of beef with a slice of fat together, pack by chopstick, place on the grill and broil by charcoal.

To Place the meats on plate, sprinkle smashed peanut on, serve hot. We can garnish with lettuce, use with sweet soy sauce.

This kind of meat can use with vermicelli, vegetables and sour fish sauce.

Hope you enjoy with this Beef recipe!