How to cook grilled beef with cinnamon

This dish is delicious without being fed and extremely simple to do it. Let’s make this dish with the recipe below:

1. Ingredients:

– Tendered beef: 200g

– Cinnamon powder: ½ teaspoon

– Chopped garlic: 1 teaspoon 

– Sugar, soy sauce, glutamate, pepper powder, white wine, oil

Grilled beef with cinnamon dish

2. Instructions:

To choose tendered beef meat, slice into thin piece, marinated with cinnamon powder + chopped garlic + chopped shallot + 2 spoons of soy sauce + 1 spoon of white wine + ½ teaspoon of glutamate + ½ teaspoon of pepper powder + 1 teaspoon of sugar + a dash of salt + 2 spoons of oil, mix well, let stand in around 20 minutes.

To take the bamboo chopstick to pack around 6 to 8 pieces of meat in, broil on charcoal.

To take the meat on the plate, serve hot with fried okra or sour lettuce, use with soy sauce and sliced red pepper.