How to cook grilled beef rolled with pepper

VietnamSurprise – If you have time, just cook this beef dish for your family because this dish has a strange taste but fascinating. Here I introduce you the recipe for grilled beef rolled with pepper.

1. Ingredients:

– Tendered beef: 200g

– Bell pepper: 1

– Carrot, okras, chayote, green peas, sesame

– Chopped garlic: 1 teaspoon

– Sugar, salt, soy sauce, cooking oil

grilled beef rolled with pepper recipe

2. Instructions:

To fry sesame until golden.

To slice meat into thin pieces.

To cut bell pepper into 4, pit the seeds, cut into rectangular pieces around 2cm wide; arrange the quantity of meat equal with the quantity of pepper.

To marinate beef with chopped garlic + 2 spoons of soy sauce + a dash of salt + 2 spoons of cooking oil + fried sesame, mix well.

To roll each piece of meat with a piece of pepper, skewer through chopstick, each stick around 4 to 5 pieces.

To place the skewers on the plate; garnish bell pepper, green peas, okras, chayote… (these are blanched through hot water and mixed with salt + pepper + oil, then broil the same time on charcoal with beef). Serve hot with soy sauce or red pepper sauce.

Hope you enjoy with this Beef recipe!