How to cook stewed pig’s trotters with peanut

Pig’s trotters dish is a nutritious dish, especially good for women who are pregnant and have a baby. The recipe below is the simply way to cook this delicious dish!

1. Ingredients:

– Pig’s trotters: 1

– Peanut: 200g

– Salt, glutamate, parsley, rice wine.

stewed pig’s trotters with peanut recipe

2. Instructions:

To clean pig’s trotters, drain, cut into pieces. Dip in hot water to remove the smell.

To soak peanut in water for 6 hours, clean again.

To heat the pot with 3 bowls of water, add pig’s trotters + peanut in to cook with medium heat for 1 hour, then season with salt + glutamate. Then, season with salt + glutamate. When serving, add in a dash of parsley and rice wine.

Hope you enjoy with this recipe!