How to cook fried chicken with citronella and pepper

Chicken fried with citronella and pepper served with hot rice has a special flavor and appeal. There are lot of different ways to cook this delicious dish. This is the simple recipe to cook this dish:

1. Ingredients:

– Young hen: 1/2

– Sliced citronella: 3 spoons

– Red peppers: 2

– Garlic gloves: 10

– Salt, sugar, glutamate

fried chicken with citronella and pepper

2. Instructions:

– To clean the hen, drain. Cut into bite sized pieces.

-To chop garlic + citronella until fine (or smash by a mallet). Mix with ½ teaspoon of salt + 1 teaspoon of glutamate + sugar, then season to the hen. Let’s stand in 1 hour.

– To preheat the pan, add in the quantity of oil enough to fry, when the oil is heated, drop each piece of hen in to fry until golden.

– To place the chicken on the plate, sprinkle the fried onion + garlic on.

– This dish served hot with soy sauce + red pepper.

Hope you enjoy with this Chicken recipe!