How to cook chicken roasted with lemon leaves

Let’s enjoy delicious chicken dish with your family by the recipe below:

1. Ingredients:

– Young hen: 1

– Young lemon leaves. onion, sugar, pepper, fish sauce, wine and 5 spices

chicken roasted with lemon leaves - vietnamsurprise

2. Instructions:

– To clean the hen then drain. Bone and slice the meat into thin pieces of about 3x5cm and 3 mm thick. Season with 5 chopped shallot + ½ teaspoon of pepper + a dash of 5 spices + 1 teaspoon of wine + 1 teaspoon of sugar + 1 spoon of fish sauce + ½ teaspoon of salt + 1 spoon of oil. Mix well, let’s stand in 30 minutes.

– To clean young lemon leaves, drain.

– To take a lemon leaf to roll a piece of meat, clip in the bamboo sticks then broil over charcoal, turn the sticks regularly to make the meat well done. Do not let the fire so high as it will burn the meat.

– To place the meat in the plate in rectangular or square shape. Serve hot with soy sauce.

Hope you enjoy with this Chicken recipe!