How to cook pork meatball soup

1. Ingredients:

– Pork shoulder: 200g

– Vietnamese pork meat paste or uncooked pork paste: 50g

– Translucent vermicelli (miến): 15g

– Field mushroom: 10g

– Pig bones: 200g

– Spring onion, coriander, ground pepper, fish sauce

cook pork meatball soup

2. Instructions:

Wash and mince pork shoulder. Soak translucent vermicelli and mushroom in water then wash and finely chop. Wash and chop spring onion, mix with Vietnamese pork meat paste, pork, verimicelli, mushroom, seasioning, ground pepper and fish sauce; shape into meatballs about the size of a small apple then steam until cooked.

Wash and cut pib bones into pieces, parboil in a stockpot and quickly scrub the stockpot clean, wash the bones again, return the bones to the pot then pour in water and simmer, add season to taste.

Put the meatballs onto a bowl and pour the broth on top, scatter with finely chopped coriander and spring onion and pepper.