How to make fruit shake of Cucumis melo

Fresh cream and milk to create new flavors for dessert but very cool characteristic aroma of melon left intact and attractive since been moved out.

cucumis melo

1. Ingredients:

– Cucumis melo: 500 gr

– Fresh cream: 100 ml

– Condensed milk: 20th ml

– Leaf mint: 2

– Stick biscuits (cinnamon), fruits (See more Vietnames fruits)

2. Instructions:

Melon peel, add to 8 pieces, seeds scraped out. Cut melon into cubes. Mint leaves soaked then steamed.

Mix the melon with fresh cream, condensed milk, pureed, for continued mint leaves were steamed in a blender, puree, mix well.

Pour the melon mixture, a cup of fresh cream, add cool refrigerator for about 2 hours. Taking the biscuit decorated with sticks and fruit.

 vietnamese drink, fruit shake