Fabulous Attractions in Vietnam

VietnamSurpriseThere are so much thrilling activities that you will enjoy being part of when you visit Vietnam. Vietnam has grown into much popularity due amazing consideration citizen offers to the visitors. In addition there are so many unique and special landscapes found only in this country and you cannot compare them with others. You will also love Vietnam cooking with their special taste that makes them different. There are countless reasons why tourists love visiting Vietnam nowadays. Some are listed below.


Unique and special landscape

You cannot find match anywhere in the world to compare them with Vietnam landscape. Stretching from beautiful Niagara Falls to Grand Canyon, these landscapes are amazing. Apart from that Vietnam is still rich in landscape, imagine moving through tunnels of Phong Nha Bang caves in Quang Binh, surely it will stick to your memory forever. More so places like Hoi An (ancient street) and Cham Island always amaze visitors with their unique beauty. Furthermore French style villas which are bordered by strawberry garden gives unique impressions that will always make you smile. Other amazing landscape that will make visitors always to have an urge of going back once more include;

Da Lat, Keo pagoda

Sydney opera house and other beautiful historical religious places. Friendly nature of Vietnamese People from south Asia are generally known for their welcoming nature. Vietnamese are unique on their special way. They are so much friendly, honest and have royal attitude. They help all visitors, whether you know their language or not. If you will have plenty of time staying with them I’m sure you will find it hard to leave this nation World class cuisines Vietnam’s food types are unique and commonly found in many major cities around the world. Their food types are extremely good and many peoples of different races love them. Here peoples come for comparison, and surely there are big differences between original Vietnam cuisines and non-original. Imagine original Phon Hung or Nam son? Surely, it is even sweeter than how it sounds. This might be one of the reasons why visitors love this lovely nation. Amazing natural resources. This country is rich with kind of natural resources that it has. There are plenty of nation parks that will ensure you enjoy you stay greatly as you tour this nation. Your stay will be much fun when you camp and watch diverse species of wild birds found in some parks like Cuc Phuong. Other activities that visitor like being park of when they visit Vietnam’s national parks include; riding on jeeps, wind surfing, and viewing wild animals. Other parks found in Vietnam include Hoang Lien Son, Ba Vi, Pu Mat amongst many others.

Traditional festivals

Vietnam enjoys various festival activities influenced by long traditional and Buddhism region. These traditional festivals are funny and enjoyable plus they make visitors learn a lot from them. For instance Tet holiday, is celebrated to show how families should remember and love their fore fathers. The funny thing about it is that locals stay overnight to prepare cakes using little fire and make some funny gossips. It resembles lunar New Year but shouldn’t be mistaken in any way. The other best celebration takes place on 2nd September where all streets will be decorated with red flags and night dominated with fireworks. Other occasion like buffalo fighting in Hai Phong is a must visit celebration. Read more Traditional Festivals In Vietnam Lunar Year.

Beaches in Vietnam

They are known for her best beaches which are safer and cleaner to swim on. These beaches are also best for all beach related activities. Some of the beaches include Da Nang and Mui Ne. Recommended reading: 7 most famous beaches in Vietnam.

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