Airbridge Travel solves the ultimate dilemma! – To travel or not to travel

Bored? Lethargic? Dejected?

Maybe it’s time for a change! Change from the gloomy daily routine of our 9-5 jobs. Most consider traveling as a luxury that can be bypassed- thus arises the dilemma of whether to travel or not? In reality it is essential that one take some time off and rest your feet up to relax. The soul needs some much needed refreshing every once in a while and there is no better balm then traveling. Travel heals the soul like no other activity and revitalizes you from the inside out. Make some time out for yourself and explore the hidden gems of Mother Nature.

Airbridge Travel

Pack your bags and hit the road! It’s not so hard just do it!

Before heading off in the right direction you should simply ask a few questions and then just go off in that direction:

  • Do I need some time off?
  • Where have I always wanted to go?
  • What has prevented me from travelling?

Then just follow the NOW or NEVER concept and go for it.

Still not persuaded well here are 5 little healthy reasons why one should travel, that should seal the deal.

  1. Travelling broadens your horizons makes you think out of the box.
  2. Gives you a chance to meet news people.
  3. Allows you to face your fears.
  4. Nourishes your soul from the inside.
  5. And the most important- it makes you ask questions in life about life!!!

Long have the times gone when travelling was a lengthy and difficult process now you can easily find flights to Phuketor any other beautiful corner of the world in little or no time at all. There are numerous websites such as Airbridge Travel which offer cheap and accessible flights that you can conveniently book from the comfort of your home or the local Starbucks!

If you hop on a flight to Phuket for example then the Tropical monsoon climate will surely lure you into a state of relaxation and your shoulders will automatically slump. The reason why Phuket is such a famous destination is because it offers an abundance of activities to do, place to see, sports to be played and cuisine to be tried.  Once you hop off that plane then boredom is a world that will cease to exist in your dictionary.  Break the boundaries set in your mind as you canoe under the glittering caves in Karabi and marvel at the beauty of the world.

Another aspect of this dilemma is that some people also find it difficult to travel alone and believe that a travelling partner is always needed to trek the world! NO, to travel all you need is a passport and that it all (well a little cash and change of clothes would me handy too) there are thousands of people out there who travel alone and enjoy it immensely too. This eliminates the hassle of extra baggage or having to do as your traveling partner suggests cause then you can simply head off where YOUR heart desires.

So the point here is to TRAVEL and get out of the closet and to see the world out there! And not feel guilty for doing so as this is an essential therapy which every tried soul is entitled to.

Good luck and happy exploring!  

Author Bio:

A dedicated travel writer Anas Ahmad who loves to transfer his wanderlust onto a page and also read other’s experiences about travel. A spicy food aficionado along with things sweet.  Lives on the personal motto of “bring it on!” and a particular lover of simplicity recently, his trip to Melbourne has got him excited.