Why you should plan Honeymoon to Viet Nam?

You are planning a Honeymoon to Viet Nam? Please read this article to know where you should choose for your honeymoon.

You will soon buy our words that Viet Nam is among the best honeymoon destinations for the married couples right the first time you visit its ideal highlights. Saving the sweet moments of love and the sublimated feeling is what all of the honeymooners want.

So, why ranks Viet Nam the ideal honeymoon destination?

Certainly, Honeymoon to Viet Nam is too perfect and save your most exhilarating holiday of love. There are dozens of reasons driving the huge flocks of couples to Viet Nam. While some appreciate its heavenly wonders and friendly people, the others can’t stand praising for the nation’s unique culture and superb services or activities just for the honeymooners to accelerate their happiness. Whatever your desire, preference, and budget, please entrust Viet Nam with the most delightful and sweetest trips ever!

Haven’t decided a place to go and what to do yet? Following are 5 attractive destinations for your honeymoon:

1. Ha Long Bay – the World Natural Heritage

Cruise ship at Ha Long bay

The reputation of Ha Long Bay (the Bay of the Descending Dragon) has gone beyond the nation’s border and grown internationally. Located in Quang Ninh Province, the bay was recognized as a world natural heritage two times for its natural beauty and geological value by the UNESCO. It looks extremely spectacular with the turquoise water, stunning limestone caves, interesting-shaped cliffs, lively floating fishing villages, etc. The whole natural essentials amazingly make up the heavenly serenity – the extraordinary feat of nature that never fails to mesmerize. On the luxury cruises, the honeymooners sightsee towards the incredible seascape, photograph imposing scenes, sea bathing, enjoy dinner on board, and relax on the fully-amenity cabins. Feel like you are honeymooning on the floating 5-star hotel towards the paradise of love.

Chartering a small helicopter with a private cruise becomes now the most luxury options for couples traveling to Ha Long Bay. 

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2. Nha Trang – best relax in the champion city

Bang Lon Island of Nha Trang City

Honeymoon to Viet Nam you should not forget visit Nha Trang bay! Hosting the wonderful beaches, islands, entertaining centers of Vinpearl Land, and luxurious resorts, Nha Trang City is highly crowded with the beach fanciers, honeymooners, and travelers. This is the ideal shelter offering the needful peace, satisfaction, and excitement to the honeymooners that love breathing the new sea breeze and experiencing boat trip, water sports (swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, mud bath, etc.), and relaxing on the beachfront bars comfortably.

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3. Sa Pa – the paradise in fog

Lao Cai, vietname's regions, Sapa, where should go, Lao Cai province, Sapa's culture

Sa Pa offers the four beautiful seasons as the dreaming destination where the honeymooners go hand-in-hand to keep warm together. Sa Pa Honeymoon Tours are best when the couples cherish the cool air, sightseeing the French villas, magnificent mountains and silver waterfall, and experience the ethnic lifestyle of H’Mong group. What could be more romantic than viewing Sa Pa Town engulfed in fog together and waiting for the light? Yes, you’re at the gateway to heaven as happiness is boundless.

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4. Da Lat – the city of love

lam dong province, da lat, da lat in photos

Famed as “Le Petit Paris”, Da Lat grows to be the fabulous honeymoon destination where all couples promote their sweetness in the flowery and cultural city. The romantic atmosphere in Da Lat is instinctive, and it’s naturally created by the striking waterfalls, flower gardens, the picturesque Valley of Love, Lake of Sighs, legendary hills, etc. In addition, the ethnic culture here makes your sweet holiday passionate, unique, and novel. Lots of promotional packages for honeymoon are launched by the hotels in Da Lat.

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5. Phu Quoc Island – the tranquil tropical paradise

Bai Dai beach in Phu Quoc island
Bai Dai beach in Phu Quoc island – Kien Giang province

This is one of the best destinations for Honeymoon to Viet Nam. Floating in the warm turquoise water, Phu Quoc Pearl Island welcomes couples to invest their sweet time wholesomely. With the pristine beach, lively markets, relaxing water activities, and easy-going local, Phu Quoc is the superb island getaway that saves your happiest moments forever. You get the optimum delight while walking on the primitive beach, enjoying fresh seafood, scuba diving, lying on the white sand, etc. No noise, but just love and romance!

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