3 famous lakes in Central Highlands for travelers

VietnamSurprise – Poetic Ho Xuan Huong Lake, peaceful Lak Lake and legendary T’nung Lake are famous tourist destinations in the central highlands of Vietnam.

Xuan Huong Lake in Da Lat

Located in the heart of Da Lat City, Xuan Huong Lake is named after the talented female poet Ho Xuan Huong, who was dubbed the “Queen of Nom poetry.”

Xuang Huong lake in Da Lat

Being seen from afar, Xuan Huong Lake is in crescent-shape, the lake surface is smooth and clear like a mirror. Along the lakeside are green grass covers, big pine tree, cherry trees or willows swinging in the wind, creating poetic scenes, turning the lake into an ideal rendezvous for lovers.

Compared to a beautiful ruby in the early mist, Xuan Huong Lake is pretty as a water-color painting. Visitors can stroll in the lake by boats to enjoy its beauty. In the late afternoon, visitors can make a tour around the lake on a horse-drawn carriage to feel the cool weather of Da Lat.

Not associated with legends like the other places but with its poetic beauty, Xuan Huong Lake is still the destination that visitors can hardly miss in Da Lat.

Lak Lake in Dak Lak

Located in Lak district, 50 km from Buon Ma Thuot city, Lak Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Vietnam. Along with Yok Don National Park, Lak Lake is a must-visit site in Dak Lak.

Lak lake in Dak Lak

Here, visitors can ride giant elephants to wade through the lake or sit on canoes. A peaceful atmosphere of nature unfolds before your eyes to help put out concerns and troubles in life.

A place that visitors should not miss when visiting Lak Lake is the villa of King Bao Dai, the last king of the Nguyen Dynasty and of Vietnam.

T’nung Lake in Pleiku

T’nung Lake is known more popularly ad Bien Ho (Great Lake). T’nung Lake is about 7 km to the north of Pleiku city, along Highway 14.

T'nung lake in Pleiku

Located at an altitude of about 1,000 m above sea level, with a surface area of about 250 hectares, the lake has an average depth of up to 40 m.

Bien Ho is considered as one of the largest freshwater lakes in the Central Highlands. According to historical documents, the lake is the remains of a volcano which has been inactive for hundreds of millions of years.

Looking from above, Bien Ho looks like a transparent crystal, which is brilliant in the sunshine of the Central Highlands. The road to the lake is winding down between green pine trees and carpets of yellow wild sunflowers, which reinforces the charm to this place. Here, visitors can use dug-out canoes to enjoy the poetic beauty of the lake.

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Source: Vietnamnet.vn