Why Vietnam is a Perfect Destination for a Perfect Vacation?

Before I traveled to Vietnam, I had a lot of misconception about the place, but upon arrival I realized that Vietnam is a wonderful country that attracts thousands of visitors every year due to its natural beauty, from green rice fields in the north to the charming bustle of the Mekong delta in the south. Vietnam is a country with long history and ancient traditions with numerous historic attractions and old temples. I loved the experience and that is why I am about to share it with you.

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Things to know before traveling to Vietnam

One thing I learn is that greetings in Vietnam are not different to western countries and there are no cultural formalities that you as a foreigner is expected to know before getting there.

Vietnam people are so friendly and they dress conservatively. Regardless of the heat, it is good not to expose much of your skin. This is because if you do you might draw stares from the locals.

Vietnamese cuisine is commonly soy sauce, rice, fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, fish sauce and more Vietnamese dishes include banh hoi, banh bao, bun cha, rau cau, che, and more.

Transportation here is not a problem but you need to know that traffic is crazy and so at some point you have to encounter it, but it is not as bad as I expected. There are also cruises, trains, and buses available for transportation.

Why choose Vietnam a vacation destination?

Vietnam is the best destination I ever visited. It has countless attractions that are worth your time. Below are some of the best attractions in Vietnam:

1. Nha Trang: This is a popular seaside resort town that is located along two wonderful bays in Vietnam. It features spectacular beaches with clean and fine sand with crystal clear ocean water and mild temperatures. The city has about 300,000 inhabitants is more urban and lively when compared to other destinations such as Mui Ne. Travelers can enjoy scuba diving here. Read more Nha Trang tourism experiences.

2. Cu Chi Tunnels: These are immense network of connecting tunnels underground and are located 40km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City. These tunnels once acted as hiding spots for Viet Cong guerrillas during Vietnam War and were also the base of operations for Tet Offensive in the year 1968. These tunnels have become major tourist attractions where I enjoyed crawling around in the safer parts of the tunnels. Read more Visit Cu Chi tunnels in Ho Chi Minh city.

3. Mekong Delta: This is a region in southern Vietnam where Mekong River approaches and drains into the sea. The area is rich and lush, covered by rice fields that produce about half of the total of Vietnam’s agricultural output. I enjoyed the site of vast rice fields and tour around the villages that are easily accessible by the river instead of the road. Read more Travel Mekong Delta in flooding season.

4. Mui Ne: The earlier less inhabited beach in the south of Mui Ne, which is a fishing village, has totally developed in the last 15 years. Due to strong sea breezes, the place is ideal for kite flying and windsurfing. No trip to Mui Ne can be complete without a trip to the famous sand dunes that are located a short distance north of the town. Its vast sand expansion offers great panoramic views especially on sun-set. Read more Mui Ne discovery.

5. Ha Long Bay: Located at the province of Quang Ninh, this bay is a home to 60 species of academic animals and 14 species of academic plants. It has 4 villages and visitors can visit Quang hang which is a home to the remains of Hindu temples that were built in the 14th century. Here, visitors can find: • Gate tower • A fire house • Entry hall way • A brick sanctuary. Read more Ha Long Bay – Amazing seascapes, caves, kayaking, bio-diversity and Vietnam’s best seafood.

6. Phu Quoc Situated in front of Cambodia coast, Phu Quoc is the Largets Island in Vietnam. This island features: • Pristine tropical forests • Great beaches • Undamaged coral reefs On of its beaches, Bai Dai was chosen by ABC news as being amongst the 5 beautiful and clean beaches. This island is famous for producing the best Nuoc Mam or fermented fish in the entire world. Read more The beaches in Phu Quoc island.

Evidently, Vietnam is a great country for a vacation. However, even with its vast and wonderful attractions, it might not be possible to enjoy all what it has to offer without a visa. Travelers from visa waiver countries can get to Vietnam with the use of an ESTA visa which can be applied online.