Travel Mekong Delta in flooding season

VietnamSurpriseFrom the eighth to the 11th lunar months is the annual flooding season in the Mekong Delta, it brings quite a few gifts from Mother Nature such as “Linh” freshwater fish, “Điên Điển” flowers, water lilies and other forms of aquatic wildlife.

Due to huge flooding this year, tourists will have even more picturesque views of the Mekong Delta that can only be seen once a year. The photos below are captured in Vam Nao, which located 30km from Chau Doc Town – An Giang Province, where visitors can join a tour to become a farmer for a few hours. The short fact-finding trip will help guests understand clearly the life of local farmers during the flooding season, and spend time with the locals and of course enjoy the yummy local food.

The Mekong Delta in flooding season 1
Taking a dinghy and picking water caltrops is an interesting pastime for travelers – Photos: Tuong Vi
The Mekong Delta in flooding season 2
A local farmer is catching fish, crabs and snails with a don, a special fishing net in the southern region