How to cook roasted pork ribs

By follow the recipe below you can cook the delicious roasted pork ribs dish for your family!

1. Ingredients:

  • – Pork ribs: 1kg
  • – Smashed citronella: 2 spoons
  • – Smashed garlic: 2 spoons
  • – Soy sauce: 2 spoons
  • – Fermented black bean: 2 spoons
  • – Sugar: 2 spoons
  • – Lemon juice: 2 spoons

roasted pork ribs

2. Instructions:

To choose pork ribs that have thick layer of meat. Clean, drain, cut into pieces at 5×7 cm, slice some lines on the piece of meat to make it easy to be marinated.

To season it with smashed citronella + smashed garlic + soy sauce + fermented black bean + sugar + lemon juice + a half of teaspoon of salt, mix well by hand and let’s stand in around 1 hour.

To place the meat on the grill, broil on the charcoal. Turn the meat regularly, sprinkle the marinated liquid on the meat while broiling to prevent the meat not to be dried.

To place the meat on the dish, serve hot, use with rice, sticky rice, vermicelli or bread.

Hope you enjoy pork rib dish with the recipe above!