How to make “xeo” cake (method 2)

1. Ingredients:

Vietnamese pancakes - bánh xèo

2. Instructions:

Mix rice flour with cold water in a pot then beat eggs and mix with the rice paste. Discard shirmp feeler and shell head, wash and drain. Sprinkle with fish sauce and pepper. Wash for clean pork, slice to small pieces then sprinkle with fish sauce and pepper. Both set aside to marimate.

Heat the lard in a pan (make low heat), ladle the paste into the pan and spread. Add shrimp, pork and beansprouts on top. Cook, covered until shrimp and pork is cooked then uncover and fold pancake in half. When the pancake is golden, remove from the pan. Do the same with next pancake. This dish served with salad and dipping sauce.

Making dipping sauce: Preserve minced garlic and chili in vinergar mixed with sugar. Before serving, add some cool, previously boiled water and fish sauce then stir well.