How to cook Vietnamese soft green-lentil cake (chè kho)

1. Ingredients:

– Green bean: 350g

– Treacle: 350g

– Cardamom fruit: 1/3

– Sesame seeds: 20g

– Water

Make soft green-lentil cake (chè kho)

2. Instructions:

Dissolve treacle in about 500ml cold water then bring to boil and purify.

Peel dried cardamom and sift the pounded cardamom.

Rub roasted sesame seeds together with hands and blow the skin away.

Soak wash green beans in water overnight; spread out on a sieve to drain; roast green beans until slightly golen; keep in cloth so that the husk is crisp; rub and winnow to remove the husk; put green beans into a pot of water (with scale 1 green bean : 3 water); bring to boil and skim scum; simmer until green beans well-done; add purified treacle, stirring; when green beans are well-kneaded and dry, add cardamom powder and stir; remove from heat; ladle into plates and sprinkle with sesame seeds; slightly shake the bottom of plate on the table so that the surface of cake is silky.