Enjoy rice noodle with grilled meat in Hue

Rice noodle with barbecue is no stranger to many of Vietnamese, but this dish has a distinct taste in Hue. It is considered a specialty “not tasted it immensely flawed” if have an opportunity to set foot on the land of the ancient capital. 

The processing of this dish is simple but making the correct taste  and characterized of Hue is not easy.

To make grilled meat, buy bacon or pulp. Slice meat thin and place in a large bowl, then add seasonings including pepper, fish sauce, salt, sodium glutamate, oil, sugar, sauces, piper lolot leaves, white sesame. Use hands stuffed about 5 minutes for penetration into the meat and spices spread blisters. Adding meat in the grill then put on charcoal clamp, using hand turn over the grill for delicious.

grilled dishes, vietnamese noodles, hue's specialties, hue, Vietnamese dishes, vietnamese recipesMaking the broth for this dish: This is quite important step in proccessing of this dish, the proccessing is successful or not is determined by the particular type of this soup. It is also the most obvious difference compared to the normal noodle.

The broth ingredients include: water, wheat, soybeans, condensed water, a few green beans and peanuts, pepper, sugar, sesame white little, little granules from the meat, so less salt and fish sauce. Using chopstick to stir, then boil and make sure that do not make it ropiness. Ladle about 2/3 cup of hot broth into a bowl noodles left to grilled meat and vegetables available.

And now the final task is mixed, enjoy the taste and feel.

Rice noodle has the taste: sweet, not salty, not light very charming. Especially when mixed with grilled meat broth created a special scent irresistible. 

Where should eat: Along the way to Thien Mu Pagoda, there are many shops of rice noodle with grilled meat or rolled rice pancake are charming Hue. Or you can enjoy this dish at riverside of the Huong River.