How to make Square glutinous rice cake (Chung cake)?

During traditional Vietnamese Tet, Chung cake is one of indispensable dishes in Vietnam. Sitting around Chung cake pot with relatives, is a nation’s own culture.

1. Ingredients:

– 1kg glutinous rice.
– 200g pork
– 100g pig grease
– 400g soya bean
– Leaves of a pineapple, green color leaves of a banana and some bamboo strings
– Salt, pepper, garlic, cooking oil.

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To prepare sticky rice by washing, soaking it in water overnight.

Leaves of pineapple: grind, filter to get green water.

Mixing green water that was prepare at step 2 and salt with glutinous rice.

To fry pork with grease until cooked, add pepper, salt to taste.

To place green leaves in wood mould, placing the sticky rice, adding the ground soya and meat and then continue place sticky rice on the top. Wrapping rice, soya and pork. Forming them into squares and fastening the individual cakes by bamboo strings.

To heat water pot, then place those cakes into the pot, cook for 2 hours. Checking water level and add (if needed), and continue cooking for 8-12 hours. When Chung cake cooked, wash them with cool water, then press them for some hours, so Chung cakes will be fresh and tasty.