Experience to conquer Fansipan peak

Fansipan is the roof of Indochina, conquer Fansipan is the envy of many young people. To reach to the top of Fansipan you not only need health, toughness but also must be experienced to be successful conquest desired. In this article you will find a lot of valuable experience to conquer Fansipan peak. Read more Fansipan mountain overview.

# 1. How many ways to reach Fansipan peak?

From Tram Ton at 1,900m altitude (The easiest and shortest way)

This way is less of blood-sucker, ascent and beauty scenes… But suitable for newbies who are not climbing much more and level of health is so-so. 

fansipan-climbingFrom Sin Chai at 1,260, altitude

The way is the high road uphill… But the scenery is beautiful, over hilltops of vast golden bamboo! If you are a newbies with less experience and health, you’ll give up too easy …

From the Cat Cat hamlet at 1,245m altitude (This is the hardest way)

This is the longest and hardest route, most tortuous and most of blood-sucker! By this way you will go through numerous fields of  cardamom plantation, bamboo forest, fir forest. The landscape mark for this way is 6/10, but lot of flower, less of stream and waterfall.

# 2. How long to reach Fansipan peak?

From Tram Ton it takes 3 hours to reach 2,200m, plus 4hours to reach 2,800m and plus 2 hours to reach the peak.

From Sin Chai it takes 4 hours to reach 2,200m, plus 4 hours to reach 2,800m and plus 2 hours to reach the peak.

From Cat Cat hamlet it takes 8 hours to reach 2,15om, plus 8 hours to reach 2680 and plus 2 hours to reach the peak.

# 3. The best season for climbing?

The best time to conquer Fansipan peak is from end of September to end of next April (best in middle of March – in Rhododendron Blossoms bloom).  Do not travel on long holidays during the year such as: New Year, Vietnam Lunar New Year, Liberation, 30/4… Cause of these days there a hundred of peoples.

The second time that you can go in November, at this time the weather not too cold , clear sky, no clouds, no rain… very suitable for the girls. 

fansipan-climbing# 4. Where for lunch, dinner and overnight?

If going up from Sin Chai, you should stay for lunch at an altitude of 2,000m and overnight at a height of 2,200m. And if from Tram Ton, you can have lunch at 2,200m and have dinner and overnight at 2,800m. There is no no camp like Sin Chai and Tram Ton way. Traveling from Cat Cat you should have the first afternoon at altitude 1,500m or 1,720m. First night you will have to stop in the fields of  cardamom plantation at an altitude of 2,150m, next noon to go to altitude of  2,900m (At this altitude the scenery is very beautiful). After shallow slot and slipped away in the night forest cardamom 2nd you will stop at 2680m altitude, following afternoon reach the Fansipan peak.

Tip: There are clean water source and clean toilets at breakpoint 2,800m now. This is the anniversary celebration of Thang Long thousand very practical and extremely valuable!

# 5. Backing tourism or Tour?

With a little experience you should choose to go on tour, the price about VND 100,000 – 200,000/ person. The Fansipan package tour often meet and see off at Lao Cai or Sapa, they will take care all necessary paperwork with room for guests to deposit with the car to the starting point and pick up to the hotel, eating, sleeping bags, tents for the group…