What should buy when traveling in Ha Noi?

Ha Noi famous candies and handicrafts products of 36 streets. Visitors can buy these products at the center or souvenirs shop for your family and friends. 

You’re wondering what to buy as a gift to know when traveling in Hanoi for your relatives and friends. I would like to introduce you to a number of specialties as gifts when traveling in Ha Noi. 

1. Silk shops

Silk is the special product of Ha Noi which is bought by most touristscause of various materials from hard, raw and soft  materials with the colors are extremely rich. There are lot of shops along Hang Gai street, Nha Tho street selling silk garments and traditional dress (Ao dai), hat, clothes, towels, bags, shoes… Below are addresses for reference:

Silk shop in Ha Noi– Co – 18 Nha Tho street/ Tel: (04) 828 9925

– Song Ha Noi – (5 – 7) Nha Tho street/ Tel: (04) 828 6965

– Ha Dong Silk – 102 Hang Gai street/ Tel: (04) 828 5056

– Khai Silk – 121 Nguyen Thai Hoc street/ Tel: (04) 747 0583

– Kana – 41 Hang Trong street/ Tel: (04) 928 6208

– Kenly Silk – 108 Hang Gai street/ Tel: (04) 826 7236

– Ipa-Nima handbag shop – 59g Hai Ba Trung Street/ Tel: (04) 942 1872

– Cat Walk – 39 Van Mieu street/ Tel: (04) 747 0271

– Kid’s Fashion – 45 Quang Trung street/ Tel: (04) 822 9226

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2. The lacquer products, handicrafts and souvenirs:

If visiting the old quarter of Hanoi, you will find many souvenir shops along Hang Khay, Trang Tien… with the traditional art products such as: which decorated from silver, ceramics and jewelry.

handicrafts and souvenirs in Ha Noi

Here are some addresses for you: 

– Craft Link – 43 Van Mieu street/ Tel: (04) 843 7710

– Craft Window – 99 Nguyen Thai Hoc street/ Tel: (04) 733 5286

– Hoa Sua – 63A Trang Thi/ Tel: (04) 934 2792

– Lacasa – 12 Nha Tho street/ Tel: (04) 828 9616

– Mosaique – 22 Nha Tho street/ Tel: (04) 928 6181


– Love Planet – 25 Hang Bac street/ Tel: (04) 828 4864

– Tan My Silk – 66 Hang Gai street/ Tel: (04) 825 1579

– Tuyet Lan – 10 Ly Quoc Su street/ Tel: (04) 828 9835

– Tre Viet Decor – 125B Lo Duc street/ Tel: (04) 971 4298

– Tranh Theu Lua Ha Noi XQ – 88 Hue street/ Tel: (04) 943 6786

3. Thai Nguyen tea

Speaking of delicious tea in Hanoi people often referred to as the familiar address such as: Doi Can, Hang Ga, Lo Duc… 

4. O mai:

One of the most specialties of Ha Noi is O mai which is sold at Hang Duong street. The price of the O mai is very diversified. The most delicious and popular O mai are:  apricot-ginger, fried apricot-ginger, spicy apricot, sweet and salt apricot… The price is about VND 80,000- 100,000/kg, the O mai which is made from fresh fruit such as: Mango, Star Fuit, “Sấu” fruit with price VND 70,000-80,000/kg. The name of shops in Hang Duong street are: Thanh Giang (in Thach lane), Tien Thinh, Toan Thinh, Gia Thinh, Hong Lam…


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5. “Cốm” cake (Green sticky rice cake):

Green sticky rice cake is also not to be missed when in Hanoi. Over 130 years, “Cốm” cake has become a specialty of Hanoi. Referring to the name of the ancient streets one can not forget Hang Than, the small streets with many green sticky rice cake restaurants.

Here is the place where you can buy: Nguyen Ninh green sticky rice cake – 11 Hang Than street, Hanoi/Tel: (04) 38283573 

com cake - specialty of Ha Noi-thumb

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