Goodbye Thuong xa TAX

VietnamSurprise – At 14:00 PM on September 25th, 2014 the Thuong xa TAX mall will officially become a thing of the past in Saigon; every business, sightseeing, shopping will officially close. So Thuong xa Tax – an attractive Destination For 100 Years In Saigon – the prosperous most prominent symbol of Saigon will be replaced by a 40-floors building and the ventilation tower for the Metro subway station.

Thuong Xa Tax in Saigon

The shopping center with over 135 years of age have completed enough of their role, this place has become the shopping attractions of the people familiar Saigon over the past years. And just at 14:00PM on September, 2014, Saigon will no longer officially as Thuong xa TAX.

The buildings with a story of more than “100 years of history” was a bustling commercial center, the oldest in Vietnam. It is expected that later this year the site will be developed into a center for Trade in Services Office of Thuong xa TAX. By design, the building will be expanded and developed into Tax Plaza, a 40-floors complex include a business center, office rental, international exhibition, conference rooms, underground parking. And now we say goodbye Thuong xa TAX.