How to make shrimp with avocado salad

1. Ingredients:

  • – Shrimps
  • Avocado: 1
  • – Cucumber: 1
  • – Tomato: 2
  • – Eggs of quail: 7-8
  • – Lettuce.
  • – Mayonnaise sauce.

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2. Instructions:

  • – To boil shrimp, fishing them out of pot and soak them immediately with cool water to keep color of shrimps.
  • – To cut lettuce into suitable sections. Cutting tomato, cucumber into pieces like dice shape. Boiled quail eggs, remove shell, cut into two halves.
  • – To slit along avocado, holding two halves and turn in two opposite directions to separate it into two halves.
  • – To use a knife to slit square shape on the half of avocado, then, using spoon the get their meet.
  • – To put all the ingredients into a large bowl (keep lettuce, 2 shrimp and 4 pieces of egg to decorate later.
  • – To place lettuce on the dish and put salad on it, then decorate by shrimps, eggs.