How to make cudweed cake (Khuc cake)?

The cake is a rice ball made of glutinous rice mixed with cudweed (khuc)-most important ingredient and filled with green bean paste, pork, and spices. Read more about Cudeweed cake (Khuc cake) – The Vietnam traditional cake.

Here is the way to make Cudweed cake:


– Glutinous flour: 1000g

– Green bean: 500g

– Glutinous rice: 400g

– Fresh grease: 200g

– Tapioca flour: 200g

– Fresh khuc leaf: 1000g

– Cooked grease, salt, mononatri glutamate, peppercorn.

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 – Remove extraneous matter from glutinous rice, wash them, soak into water for 2-6 hours, drain, mixing them with salt.

– To mix glutinous flour, tapioca flour, salt, grease, then put hot water and knead into soft.

– To remove stem of cudweed leaf, wash, boil, drain, grind and mix them with glutinous flour, grind them until they are extremely soft. Devide flour into small handfuls.

– To beak green beans in to two parts, soak into water, wash, cook, grind until fine.

– To boil fresh grease, cut up them into tiny cubes, mix them with bean, salt, peppercorn, mononatri glutamatri, take them into tiny pieces, about 50g for filling centre of cake.

– To round flour handfuls, roll, place it into the middle, wrapping.

– To spread a layer of glutinous rice on the bottom of autoclave, place a layer of cake, sprinkle a layer of glutinous rice…

– To steam them until cooked.

– Enjoy when they are still hot.