La Vong grilled fish – The specialties of Ha Noi

La Vong grilled fish is made of wheels, catfish, fish, fruit that is the specialties of Ha Noi. Fish fillet marinated with turmeric powder, monosodium glutamate, ginger fiber, fish sauce, shrimp paste, onion chopped, minced garlic, fresh chilli chopped, own tools … then clamp the pair of bamboo and then baked.  

Then fried onion until fragrant, add more at large onion slices, fennel slices and marinated fish oil to the pan, stir up. Finally for grilled fish to fry, gentle island to fish from being crushed. Taste for delicious. La Vong grilled fish is served with rice noodles, baked cake, shrimp paste, coconut meat sliced ​​thin, fried peanuts and pickles.

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In winter days, sitting warm oven spring, enjoy hot fried fish with baked rice, noodles, herbs… now you can enjoy this dish with both taste and test your sense of smell.

Pho Ha Noi is the the delicious dish you should try when travel in Ha Noi.