Cottage Or Camping – Which Is Best?

VietnamSurprise When it comes to taking a holiday in good old Britain, you’ve got two superb choices. They both come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. They’re both very different. They’re both bags and bags of fun. So, will you go camping or will you opt for a stay in a holiday cottage?

There are some people who wouldn’t waste a minute, before deciding on a luxury holiday cottage. Yet, there are also lots of people who absolutely adore camping and the great outdoors. They can’t imagine not feeling vibrant and alive, after four days of adventure in a tent. The question is – which option is best for you? 

Cottage Or Camping - Which Is Best

A lot of people choose to go on camping holidays, because they can’t afford to stay in an expensive cottage. Yet, the average cost of a week in a holiday cottage has significantly declined over the last decade or so, says Independent journalist Trish Lorenz. You can get a week in a high end cottage for £300 per week, per family these days. In a great location too – there are holiday cottages in Norfolk, Cornwall, Cumbria and Devon. 

Whilst there are myriad advantages to camping, it does seem curiously redundant when compared with an affordable cottage. There are all sorts of benefits to a self catering cottage holiday, say the experts at There’s the chance to make it really feel like your own home from home. Plus, many of the cottages come with their own special features – DVD players, coffee machines, barbeques, even swimming pools. If you want a holiday that’s luxurious and stress free, you can’t go wrong with a stay in a magnificent rural cottage. 

In a tent, you’re likely to be battling the elements. If it’s windy or it rains heavily, your holiday could be affected. These days, most camp sites have their own shower blocks – you might not be able to relax enough to get a thorough wash, though. More than two nights spent in a tent can make the backache and the knees seize up in frustration. In fact, camping isn’t really a possibility for older travelers. 

If you have any sort of mobility issues, you really don’t want to be bedding down in a sleeping bag every night, says expert Emma Darling. You need a comfortable mattress and a lot of peace and quiet. Why deny yourself what you need, when companies like Cottages Direct offer hundreds of great deals on excellent  holiday cottages? 

A camping holiday can be a great experience, but it’s also a very specific and rather rigid one. If you are fairly young, childless and willing to forgo home comforts – there’s no reason why camping won’t work for you. However, those with children and those who are a little bit older, tend not to want to give up their comfortable bed, their morning coffee and a guaranteed hot shower. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that now, is there? 

Don’t dismiss the idea of a holiday cottage, because you assume it will be too costly. Visit a website like Cottagesdirect, and you’ll find yourself proved wrong. Cottages Direct has a huge range of holiday cottages available to rent, all over the length and breadth of the country. It’s time that you thought about treating yourself to a stress free getaway.  

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Louise David is a journalist who works for the Cornish tourist board. For the very best deals on holiday cottages, she recommends She can usually be found snapping pictures of the coastlines, or writing up a new feature.