How to cook soup of cauliflower covered with shrimp?

1. Ingredients:

  • Cauliflower: 1
  • Thac Lac fish: 100g
  • Fresh shrimps: 300g
  • Scallions: 5
  • Pepper, sugar, glutamate, salt, fish sauce, topioca, Coriander, shallot.

soup of cauliflower covered with shrimp

2. Instructions

– Detach the cauliflower into small pieces; peel the hard cover of the cauliflower, soak in salted water, rinse again through water.

– Clean shrimps and take out the covers, smash in a mallet.

– Take the Thac Lac fresh in a cup, use a spoon to smash the fish with chopped onion + salt + pepper. Drop the shrimp paste in and mix well

– Take each piece of cauliflower, sprinkle tapioca on the surface of it, cover it with the mixture above.

– Heat the pot with around 2 bowls of water. Drop in 3 sliced onions, season with fish sauce + pepper + glutamate. When the water boils again, drop the cauliflower into the pot. When it’s done, taste the soup to your taste

– Remove the pot, scoop the soup to the bowl the sprinkle the pepper and chopped coriander, shallot. Serve hot.