5 Most Famous Places to Enjoy the Food Flavor around the World

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5 Most Famous Places to Enjoy the Food Flavor around the World

The following are the 5 most famous places to enjoy the food flavor in the world:

South of France

This is the right destination for food lovers and so much exciting to pay a visit with family and friends. For instance, the Julia Child and James Beard are worth a tour. Here, visitors are spoilt for choice with the following:

– Freshly picked fruits

– Fresh vegetables

– Delectable fish

– Cheese purveyors

This is not enough without:

– The highly coveted and internationally selected wines

– Freshly baked French bread served with French butter

This is why tourists find South of France a preferable destination even without mentioning the stimulating Rocky Mountain climbing along the Mediterranean.


The Mercat de la Boqueira in Barcelona is a city full of life and with only one of its kind buildings and eye-catching cathedral known as Sargada Famialia. One unique thing with this city is that it has a lot to offer to its visitors. This includes:

– Historical value

– Architectural value

– Food

Most of all, food sets apart this wonderful city of Barcelona. Food lovers are introduced to a wide variety of foods that teases their appetite. This includes:

– Delicious cheese

– Fresh seafood prepared with alluring spices

– Fresh vegetable and fruits

– Meats

– Exotic mushrooms

– Fabulous tapas


The City of Trattoria alla Rivetta in Venice is where every tourist meets to wine and dine. It is possible for visitors to explore approximately every town in Italy and regularly enjoy dishes that remains etched in their mind. This includes: 

– Matured meat

– Cheese

– Olive oil

– Fresh sea foods

– Pasta

– Distinctive wines

Mexico City

Frequent travelers to Mexico City attest to the out of the ordinary food markets. They are available in:

– The casual streets stand

– The luxurious restaurants that serve global cuisines

– Local eating places where one can order a Hurache, Fried Masa dough and crowned with meat and additional complements


This is one of the highly adored destinations to enjoy the following:

– Rich noodle soup

– Steamed buns

– Dumplings

– Preserved vegetables

– Star anise

– Green Mustard seeds

– Chopped peanuts

Some of the foods served in Taipei have influence from China and Taiwan. On the other hand, foods like the alluring Gua Bao, one of the well-liked foods in Taipei, have found its way to USA through expert chefs.

In conclusion, travelers have these five famous places to discover the tempting and tantalizing food flavors in the world. All in all, it is always important to inquire about the best destination to travel to by preparing in advance before booking a ticket. This will ascertain comfort and complete enjoyment while on a trip. Experts also insist on making a plan or an itinerary that outlines every single detail of the trip including the budget costs in order to enjoy every little moment.

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