Why should we buy travel insurance?

In order to prepare for a trip, besides schedule, belongings, money,… tourists should also take care buying travel insurance for yourself. Many tourists skip insurance when traveling and forget that it is also very important.

 Why do we need to buy travel insurance?

The purchase of travel insurance will provide advantages as following:

– To get the peace of mind: buying insurance means that you buy peace of mind. It is the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from tourist in exchange for payment. The purchase of travel insurance contribute to aid tourists getting the peace of mind in order to comfortably enjoy their trip.

Why should we buy travel insurance– To protect you from away the risks of travel, reduce financial loss: during traveling time, visitors could face risks such as illness, sickness, accident, loss of property,… The level and intensity of risks when traveling is unpredictable, they could bring much losses for visitors. In such situation, travel insurance will assist tourists in protection, treatment and recovery risks, ensuring minimize maximum losses of life and property.

– In some cases, the purchase of travel insurance is mandatory. Some countries in European region specified in visa procedures of that country in accordance with the applicant must purchase insurance as mandatory procedure.

 How about the insurance fee level?

The insurance fee level for domestic traveling is the lowest, 1,500VND/person/day (the maximum compensation is 10,000 VND when accidents occur). The tourists also can buy insurance with a higher level: 30,000VND/person/day, 4,500VND/person/day…

Meanwhile, the insurance fee level for abroad traveling will differ, depending on destination and duration.

Where should we buy travel insurance?

Currently, there are many travel insurance companies. So, in order to choose the best product, the customers should find out about types of insurance, insurance time, fee level, compensation fee, insurance cases, insurance procedure,… before buying. Hence, you could assess and make decisions  in accordance with the demand as well as your money pocket.