Personal effects for backpacking tourism by motorcycle

Backpacking tourisms by motorcycle is now more popular with youth . Simple, because there, they have their moments of harmony with nature, discover new lands , the new culture … and especially motor transport is the most popular in Vietnam. However, you must have traveling skills by motorcycle, in this article I share you the works must do to get a success and safety tour with your motorcycle.

1. Motorcycle

Must maintenance fully your motorcycle:

Change oil before taking a departure; check the tires before taking a departure and make ensure that they grip the road well. It is the best to replace by new tires in case they start to decrease road adhesion; Check battery, horn, headlights, taillights, turn signals, spark plugs… All of them must be in good condition! And make sure that setting up two motorcycle mirrors enough.

Prepare the personal papers:

+ ID card (If any),

+ Motorcycle registration (compulsory),

+ Driving license (compulsory),

+ Motorcycle insurance (compulsory),

+ Passport (in case you want to leave country – If any)

Personal effects for backpacking tourism by motorcycle
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Tire, spark plugs: each motorcycle should bring 2 tires and 1 spark plugs that are right type of car yourselves!

Helmet (should use glass helmet as well as airtight): in general, it is so dangerous when taking backpacking tourism, so you should choose good helmet. You should prepare accessories for helmet (ears covering), better for keeping ears warm.

Ropes for binding luggage: from 3 to 4 ropes, should bind backpack behind or in front of motorcycle.

Yellow thin plastic bags (each motorcycle get 5-7 bags) + adhesive tape: be used in case fog (let’s cover headlights by those bag if you meet fog).


– To fill gasoline fully before taking a departure.

– To keep 02 motorcycle keys.

2. Belongings

– Backpack: each motorcycle need:

+ 01 small backpack is placed in front of motorcycle: containing emergency and frequent belongings such as: camera, raincoat, umbrella, water (2 water bottles of 0.5l + teapot), food (cake, candy, dried fruits), flashlights, medicine.

+ 01 postman bag – instead of backpack: It is extremely useful when traveling on long road, because it will take more time when filling gasoline if you blind backpack behind.

– Electronics (cell phone, music player, camera, battery charger…)

+ Cell phone: strong signal, strong battery, GPS headphones (use when you are on the road in order to avoid accidents).

+ Battery charger for camera, cell phone,…

+ Music player: it also help to reduce sleepiness.

– Glasses: the glasses is very important when taking the long way, especially in extreme weather conditions. There should be two types of glasses:

+ Glasses for daytime

+ Glasses for nighttime

You can use protective glasses, it’s easy to buy at the stores. The advantage of this glasses is not dazzled by headlights at night.

– Gloves:

+ Driving gloves

+ Plastic gloves: use for rainy day

– Masks: indispensable thing, you should bring 3 pieces for preventing

– Shoes – sandals, boots:

+ Shoes: should use sport shoes

+ Sandals: should keep 01 sandals in backpack to use when staying at hostel or crossing a stream.

+ Rubber boots: should bring rubber boots in order to prevent raining.

+ Plastic boots: be used to cover outside or inside of shoes in order to prevent raining.

– Knee cover.

– Scarf: except wool scarf.

– Fast food: supply energy

+ Chocolate.

+ Cake, candy.

+ Canned food.

+ Water: each person need 1 bottle of 0.5L.

+ Tea, coffee.

– Clothing

+ Streetwear clothing: 1-2 units.

+ Inside clothes: 1 units/day (T-shirt,…).

+ Bed clothes: 1 unit

+ Sweater: 2 pieces.

+ Windbreaker: 1 piece.

– Personal hygiene things (face towel, toothbrush, soak, shampoo,…) depending on your demand.

– First injury aid bag: cellulose wadding, bandages, disinfectants, headache medicines…

3. General preparation by group

– Maps.

– List of member, including information as below:

+ Full name.

+ Phone number.

+ Date of birth.

+ Email

+ Facebook

+ Position in motorcycle team (remark in numerical order).

– With the long journey, there should be specific schedule for each day in order to all members are well informed.

Road to wish you lucky!