How to choose a suitable tourist backpacks

Backpack is a very popular item among tourists, especially for backpacking tourism, it seem be the most important thing. Choosing the backpacks seem so simple, but it is extremely important in determining success or failure of your trip. There are some advices for who are preparing for a long trip with backpacks as following:

You spent entire month to prepare well for your backpacking trip, you did read blog and guide book, choose route, buy plane ticket? It is time to relax 2 weeks before starting out. Is it right? No, If you forget to prepare a perfect backpack for yourself.

Choosing a suitable backpack for your trip will take a bit of time and effort, but that is real necessary work. Here are some things that you need consider to choose a backpack.

Tourist backpacks

The long of your trip

How long your trip?, If it take one night only, a backpack with volume of 20-50l is possible. If the trip take entire weekend, that one is 50-60l. From 2-5 nights, you should choose backpack of 60-80l, but if you trip take 5 nights, let’s choose backpack of 80l.

Season and destination?

Is it Hanoi in the Winter or Saigon in the rainy season? Let’s think of about it.

Style of travel

Are you a person who want to carry a minimum of items or a typical tourist?

How much weight can you carry? How much space in backpack do you need?

Size of body

One important thing is how much length of upper part of the body, in other words how much length of your spinal column (from neck to pelvis).

Endurance and protection

You should choose backpack that is made from water resistant material and having ripper, many compartments with cotton strap on the shoulder and the back.

Some other tips

1. To ask someone to help you measuring the length of your back.

2. Buying backpack at good shop is better than buying online

3. To try a backpack with some heavy things

4. When wearing the backpack that is not too far away from your head.

5. To choose the backpack that you will not get nervous anymore.

6. Never leave the Station with a full backpack.