Notes when buying airline tickets at agency

Recently, the media reported that some customers were cheated when booking air ticket through Agent? So, how to know which is genuine ticket Agent? How to know your ticket is real?

# To buy air ticket from genuine Agent

When purchasing air ticket from genuine Agency (either directly or via phone), you should select genuine Agent. To check information related to genuine Agency, you could:

# Check the list of official agents of the airlines

Vietnam Airline agency

Currently, domestic airlines have provided List of their agents on website. Just visit the website of the airlines, you can find ticket agents that is near you your position or confirm whether it is official agent or not.

# To see agent certificate

When be recognized as agents, the agents are often issued certificate from the airline. Information about agent are available on that certificate.

# To check reservation number

Most of Website of the airline have function checking reservation seat, just enter the reservation number, full name, you could know information related to booked ticket (passenger information, itinerary).

With some websites are not supported function checking reservation number online, passengers could contact switchboard of the airline and read reservation number, its staff will provide full information for customer.

Switchboard of some domestic airline

– Jetstar Pacific: 1900 1550

Vietjetair: 1900 1886

– Air Mekong: 04-37186 399 (Hanoi), 08-38 463 999 or 08-3 999 0081 (Ho Chi Minh city).

Vietnam Airlines: 04 38320320 (Northern), 08 38320320 (Southern), 0511 3832320 (Central).

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