Bánh Hỏi lòng heo – The specialty of Phu Yen

Bánh Hỏi lòng heo (in English is Question cake with pig’s inner organs) is a steamed rolls made of rice-flour served with pig’s inner organs. If you ever head on a trip to Phu Yen, don’t forget to try Bánh Hỏi lòng heo, a simple dish in this central province but quite strange to the taste buds of tourists from other regions.

Coming to An My Commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province you will enjoy the main ingredients of the plate are banh hoi (steamed rolls made of rice-flour) and “Long heo” – pig’s inner organs. This dish is also served with grilled rice pancake, and white rice pancake which is used for wrapping.

One special feature that tourists can easily find in the coastal city of Phu Yen province is rice pancakes, grilled or dried.

Banh Hoi long heo - Question cake with pig’s inner organsAromatic herbs are necessary for many Vietnamese wrap and roll foods, which can help gastronomes stimulate their appetite. Phu Yen’s pancake is made from rice flour but it is tougher and more glutinous than that of the southern provinces. Thí pancake is not torn off when dipped in the water before wrapping.

The boiled inner organs consist of lean and fat pork, stomach, liver, intestines, tongue and kidney. Question cake is made from rice flour but the roll is thinner than that in the south. The southern version is sprinkled with the sauce of onion and oil while banh hoi in Phu Yen is sprinkled with the sauce of shallot and oil. Read more about: Question cake – Roasted pork in Phong Dien, Can Tho city.

Rice pancake is dipped in water and then added with fresh vegetables, “Banh hoi“, a little bit of grilled rice pancake, a slice of pork and organs before rolling and dipping in fish sauce mixed with chili. Diners will enjoy the delicacy. Learn more dipping sauce recipes.

All ingredients are mixed to make the dish more delicious. When finishing the wrap and roll dish, diners can try a bowl of gruel mixed with the pig’s inner organs also.

Source: http://english.thesaigontimes.vn