6 steps to escape when stumbled into the swamp

Swamp is the deadliest trap of nature, if you do not have any escape experience you will going to die 100%. You fall to the swamp, whether standing still or trying to struggle then death will come to you quickly. 

Before learning how to escape you should know the structure of swamp. There are two layers in swamp. The top layer includes soil, mud, sand, leaves and even grass plants are normally made you can hardly distinguish its difference with the hard ground around. This mud layer was only “suspended” above the groundwater due to erupt from the bottom up. The mud layer is very soft and spongy soil, may thicken 1 – 5m, when humans and animals stumbled down will soon be “inhaled” down at the liquid water bottom quickly and die.

6 steps to escape when stumbled into the swamp
Image credit: phuot.vn

Let me go straight to the point. When falling swamp (and quicksand areas that you see in movies or) you must handle like? moving inside the forest, suddenly you have a short leg and fell into the swamp. Normally in these cases you will fall forward on his stomach and instinctively stand up or fall down in the vertical direction. Whatever the case, you will stand up with his back to the shore. Now, if you perform the following techniques is the ability to get you back to shore is very high.

By reading the skills below you will easy escape from the swamp trap if stumbled in.

  1. Calm down, do not struggling and trying to draw your feet up. Any attempt to make you struggle just attrition and more importantly it makes you sink deeper quickly.
  2. Take of backpacks, clothes, but do not thrown away! Just use them as a float, the fulcrum to push you up as much as possible. Muddy is not like water, so you should try to increase the contact area by using your backpacks.
  3. Quickly leaned backwards (facing upwards and your head pointing towards the shore) outstretched your arms to increase contact area. 
  4. Slowly drawn each leg up as much as possible. When them were free, then slowly use both arms and legs to push body forward. This action is also not difficult, put both hands over head and sideways and extended sideways to push yourself up. Try to catch grass that grows on swamp then use as a fulcrum to pull yourself forward. 
  5. Exercise your body like movements of snake slithering to coordinate movements.
  6. Whether you know what you’re sank even had sunk through the mud, you can still make sure that they are still moving. Be aware that the distance from the shore to where you do not fall too far, you absolutely have the chance to go there.

Wishing the skill above useful for you!

Source: Phuot.vn