A perfect moment in Sao Beach – Phu Quoc island

Bai Sao (Sao beach) is a must-visit destination for anyone touring Phu Quoc Island off the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang.

When it was suggested as a weekend break by one of the gang, we knew we’d be regretful our whole lives if we did not make it happen.

For that reason, we came to Sao Beach at around 10 a.m. with the tropical sunlight shining vigorously like it wants to eat each small grain of sand, little starfish or any coconut leaves lying on the seven-kilometer beach.

Okay so the rays burned our skin a little but how can we resist our desire to indulge in that splendid setting, to swim with the fish and collect starfish on the beach. Also added into the equation was the fact we could freely breathe the fresh sea air into our lungs which are constantly harmed by urban smoke and polluted city air.

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The crystal blue and cool water made us feel alive as my work colleagues and I appreciated some time to enjoy, to play and relax together in that splendid space, bringing us closer together.

Joining us on the beach was a lot of foreigners as well as locals. We also saw some tanned-skin fishermen hard at work sailing into the distance.

Midday came soon and we gathered under the shade of tents and had a beautiful seafood lunch. Swimming, relaxing and eating seafood, what else did we need? Nothing – it was a perfect moment from a fantastic trip.