How to make Vietnamese chili sauce?

Make Vietnamese chili sauce by yourself is delicious and hygiene, health and safety. Below is the recipes for making Vietnamese chili sauce:

1. Ingredients: (for 4 small bottles Lavie)

– Chilli (type peppers, spicy and grain): 0.8Kg

– horn peppers (spicy chili to less): 2.2kg

– Water: 800ml Salt: 3 tablespoons

– Sugar: 2 tablespoons

– white: 20ml

– Garlic: 4 bulbs

– Cooking oil / peanut oil: 3 tablespoons

– Tomato: 1 result (if want)

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2. Instructions:

– Chilli dilute brine, rinse, drain and then cut off the stem.

– Use scissor nose slash on the body and split the seeded of chili peppers, this stage you should wear 2-3 layer plastic gloves to prevent the irritation. 

– Add water and salt in a saucepan, boil water divide to make 4-5 batches of chili to boil for about 2 minutes, then take out, for the next batch to boil.

– Add peppers, peeled garlic and chilli broth into a blender puree. Because of the amount of water vapor at the ground you notice at a to avoid special too cause overheat, do not add water to grind the same processing as will make sauce thinner.

– Strain through sieve to remove seeds surviving notes and somewhat shell is not smooth, we obtain comparable products smooth. Then the filtered peppers into the pot, add salt, sugar and oil, stirring until boiling hand always record your platform, add wine, stirring quickly shrink north again, not should boil too closely to keep the scent of chili offline.

Let it cool poured into new bottles (remember to 3cm gap from the bottle). As a home made ​​chili with absolutely no additives such as preservatives should you put in the refrigerator compartment cool to eat gradually okay.

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