Vietnamese mangosteen

As small as a tennis ball with the dark violet cover, mangosteen is the unique fruit of South East Asia region. Using a sharp knife to peel off the rough upper part, you will see the white pulp arranged in equal segments. The meat of the fruit is heavenly delicious, soft sour and sweet, creating the light and pure refreshment. Mangosteen is sold widely in southern Vietnam.

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Mangosteen is grown predominantly in the South of Vietnam. Its main growing season is from June to August so if you come to Vietnam during this time you can indulge yourself with this amazing fruits for as little as $2 per kg.

Tips: Choosing the best mangosteen is ‘don’t be greedy’. Go with the smaller and darker color one and the fruit will be sweeter and more concentrated. The big size mangosteen does not have as much flavour and is sually more costly.

Via Vietnamfood