Vietnamese Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit (in Vietnamese is Thanh Long) is a beautiful fruit grown in Southeast Asia, Mexico, Central and South America, and Israel. The plant is actually a type of cactus, and the fruit comes in 3 colors: 2 have pink skin, but with different colored flesh (one white, the other red), while another type is yellow with white flesh. Dragon fruit is low in calories and offers numerous nutrients, including Vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, plus fiber and antioxidants.

Dragon fruit, which may weigh up to 0.5kg with pink or dark red cover, has recently been cultivated in Vietnam. Its cover can be peeled off easily when the fruit is ripe, revealing the white gelatinous meat. The pulp contains countless tiny black seeds that cannot be extracted, giving the sweet and sour taste. The dragon fruit harvest season is in October, November, April and May.

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Dragon fruit is one of the few fruits that are imported in difficult markets such as: U.S, Europe; dragon fruit is becoming the most development potential in Vietnam 3 concentrated areas Binh Thuan province, Tien Giang province and Long An.

Dragon fruit tastes wonderful! The mild taste of pitahaya flesh is often remarked upon, as it stands in stark contrast to the vibrant exterior. The taste has been described as being “very bland… like a melon or kiwi” with a “mild sweetness”.