How to make potato cake

Today when go out in the cold suddenly crave sidewalk potato cakes – the popular street food in Vietnam especially in the North. Immediately I learn how to make the cake and sharing for you here:

1. Ingredients:

– Yellow sweet potatoes: 2 bulbs

– Banana (West banana): 3 fruits

– Flour: 160 g

– Water: 300 ml

– Turmeric powder: 1 teaspoons

2. Instructions:

Step 1: Sweet potatoes are peeled and sliced along of the potatoes into thin slices. Then cut to yarn shape and soak in 1 bowl of  salt water (weak) to make potatoes will not be blackened when fried.

Step 2: Flour, turmeric powder are mixed with water to form viscous yellow.

Step 3: Bananas are peeled, 1 banana I usually add 4-5 slices. Banana will be add to the cake when frying because if we add banana early it will have the deep black color.

Step 4:  Drop the potatoes into the flour mixture just mixed, paste up shovels fried or 1 large spoon, put 2 pieces of banana and coated with one layer of potatoes covered banana pieces.

Step 5: Wait for oil is heated enough then brushed potatoes and bananas to the pan, deep fryers.

Step 6:  Wait for the underside of potato cake has yellow coler then you switch to the other side. When the cake become delicious with the yellow color, you picked out the cake and put on one plate liners available oil blotting paper and then ENJOY!