Thuong xa TAX – “100 years of history” In Photos

VietnamSurprise – Built in 1880, Thuong xa TAX has become the shopping attractions of the people familiar Saigon for over 130 years. Below are the photos of Thuong xa TAX:

Thuong xa Tax-GMC
First name is Les Grands Magazins Charner (GMC) is built according to French architecture with bold dotted lines Asian culture.
Thuong xa Tax-GMC-2
It placed in the best position in center of the District 1
Thuong xa Tax-GMC-inside
Thuong xa TAX – GMC trading of luxury goods that are imported mainly from Britain, France for the nobility

Thuong xa Tax-GMC-interface

With Ben Thanh Market, Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon central Post Office, City Theatre, … Thuong xa TAX contributed to the “Pearl of the Far East” elegant and most vibrant in Asia at that time.

Thuong xa Tax-GMC-square
Change position for the GMC symbol
Thuong xa Tax-XX
Early 60s of XX century, GMC building was renamed to Thuong xa TAX
Thuong xa Tax-bustle
At this time, the sale is still bustling…
Thuong xa Tax-trademark
…and many famous brands are here.

Thuong xa Tax-in the time

Thuong xa Tax-bach hoa

Thuong xa Tax-come back
On 19/01/1998, the words THUONG XA TAX officially placed on the roof of the building

Thuong xa Tax-repair

Thuong xa Tax 2014

Now, we just say goodbye to Thuong xa TAX!