The international border gates from Vietnam to China

The first international border gate in Vietnam need to talk about is the Mong Cai border gate. Located in Quang Ninh province which is the most bustling and most developed international border gate in the country. This international border gate attracts millions of people for trade and tourism per year.

At the Mong Cai border gate area in Vietnam, travelers can go shopping at kiosk of both Vietnamese and Chinese traders at Mong Cai market. And with the simple and easy immigration procedures, it just takes an hour after you can go to Dongxing of China. Read more: Shopping in Lang Son border town.

The Mong Cai international border gate

Arriving to Mong Cai border gate, tourists can also visit attractions destinations near the border gate, such as Khanh Linh temple, Tra Co beach and Vinh Trung – Vinh Thuc Islands.

The second is Lao Cai international border gate that is an attractive stopover during the journey of discovery of Sapa.

The Lao Cai international border gate

Coming here, you will be immersed in the atmosphere of the bustling border city with hundreds of tourists every day back and forth. From the Coc Leu Bridge looking up at Lao Cai city when it lights up will definitely give you the indescribable feeling about the afternoon in the mountainous region.

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