The international border gates from Vietnam to Cambodia

In this article I introduce you two international border gates from Vietnam to Cambodia, which are the attractive destinations in the South of Vietnam.

The first is Moc Bai international border gate, located in Tay Ninh province and is the largest international land border in the south, along the mainland of Vietnam – Cambodia. It’s also located on the trans-Asia road and just far about 70 km from Ho Chi Minh City.

Moc Bai international border gate-thumb

This international border gate has welcomed many tourists from Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces to visit and shop in tax-free supermarkets.

In the Moc Bai international border gate area, travelers can visit Thuan Loi tunnel – the revolutionary historical site, Ba Den mountain – the highest mountain in the Southeastern region and is symbolizing the land and people of Tay Ninh. From Ba Den moutain, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Tay Ninh town center.

The second is Ha Tien (or Xa Xia) international border gate, for about 7 km from Ha Tien town. This is also a famous tourist attraction in Kien Giang.

Ha Tien international border gate-thumb

Coming to Ha Tien, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy many famous scenic spots such as Da Dung Mountain, Mac Cuu royal tomb. Ha Tien also owns some beautiful beaches such as Mui Nai, Bai No, Bai Bang, …

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